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 Vehicle Repossession Prevention (PDF - 40 KB) – Published by the American Financial Services Association, this document details the steps being taken by the financial services industry to help identify borrowers in need and prevent repossession of their vehicles.  These steps include increasing educational tools (through groups like AWARE), reaching out early to borrowers who may be having trouble and then working with struggling borrowers on an individual basis.

 The Auto Financing Road Map - A Guide for Teaching Auto Financing in Your Community - The Auto Financing Road Map is a kit for use by educators interested in teaching more auto financing in their communities. This free kit offers educators all of the resources and tools needed to hold an auto financing workshop – or to simply incorporate some auto financing principles into an existing financial literacy program.

 Understanding Vehicle Financing (PDF - 328 KB) - This brochure, produced by the American Financial Services Association Education Foundation and the National Automobile Dealers Association, and prepared in cooperation with the Federal Trade Commission, provides information to help consumers learn about dealership financing and evaluate their own financial situations before financing a new or used auto. It also addresses auto leasing.

 Keys to Vehicle Leasing: Learn about the costs and terms of a vehicle lease with this resource from the Federal Reserve.

 "Leasing is Different than Buying: Here’s How": This chart from the Federal Reserve explains the differences between leasing and buying to help consumers decide for themselves which option makes the most sense for them.

 AWARE’s Brochures (English - PDF - 137 KB, Spanish - PDF - 512 KB): This brochure provides an overview of the auto financing process.

 Wallet Card: This quick guide to the auto financing process can fit right into your wallet or purse!

 AWARE Articles: Our newsletter articles cover many different topics from information on credit reports to tips for negotiating vehicle financing.
  • Santa Needs a New Sleigh... But First He Needs Auto Financing Tips - His Reindeer Share Helpful Suggestions
    Word document
    - 72 KB / PDF - 26 KB
  • Have You Seen Your Credit Report Lately? Word document - 37 KB / PDF - 716 KB
  • Newlyweds are in the Driver's Seat When Purchasing Their First Vehicle Word document - 28 KB / PDF - 700 KB
  • Top 10 Tips for Smart Car Shoppers Word document - 33 KB / PDF - 377 KB
  • Three Steps to Easier Auto Financing Word document - 42 KB / PDF - 399 KB
  • You Hold the Keys to Making Good Vehicle Financing Decisions Word document - 42 KB / PDF - 695 KB
  • Shopping for Your First Set of Wheels? Take This Pop Quiz to Find Out if You’re Ready
    Word document - 35 KB / PDF - 696 KB
  • Did You Do Your Homework Before Your Last Auto Financing Decision? Will You Next Time?
    Word document - 28 KB / PDF - 15 KB
  • Do You Know the Difference Between Leasing and Buying? Word document - 28 KB / PDF - 14 KB
  • Assess Your Finances During Peak Car and Truck Buying Season Word document - 30 KB / PDF - 14 KB
  • Taking Steps to Boost Your Credit Score Word document - 34 KB / PDF - 15 KB
 Glossary of Auto Financing Terms - PDF - 19 KB

 Building a Better Credit Report, From the Federal Trade Commission

 Other helpful resources:

 Auto Financing Tune Up: Take this quiz to check your auto smarts!

 Auto Financing Monthly Payment Calculator: Use this tool to calculate your potential monthly payment!

 Can you afford that car or truck you're dreaming of? These downloadable interactive Excel spreadsheets will help you calculate your budget, and then tell you whether or not you can afford the car or truck you're contemplating. This "Affordability Gauge" calculator takes ALL vehicle related costs into consideration, so will give you a very real picture of your true budget.
  • Monthly Budget/Affordability Gauge: Download this version if you are trying to get a general overview of your budget. This is particularly useful if you are trying to make a quick decision.
  • Daily Budget/Affordability Gauge: This version is a particularly useful tool to paint a very accurate picture of what you're spending, and what you have left to dedicate toward new vehicle expenses
 Auto Loan Calculator: This calculator - created by Young Money - allows you to play with different loan terms, down payments and trade-in values to see how it will affect your monthly payments and the total cost of your vehicle and financing over time.

 Budget Worksheet: Find out what you need to consider when developing your monthly budget with this worksheet from the "Understanding Vehicle Financing" brochure.

 Comparison Worksheet: It's important to shop around for your financing. Use this worksheet, from the "Understanding Vehicle Financing" brochure, to compare financing rate quotes from multiple lenders.

 "It All Adds Up": Are you a teenager who is trying to get hold of your financial future? Visit this website from the National Council of Economic Education to get information on budgeting, credit, saving for a car, investing, and other important life skills.

 "Building Wealth: A Beginner’s Guide to Securing your Financial Future": This website, brought to you by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, offers basic guidance to students, teachers and other on personal finance and setting your financial goals.

 AWARE articles:
  • Pop Quiz for 1st Time Car Buyers: Word document - 35 KB / PDF - 696 KB
  • Auto Financing 101 For Students Planning to Purchase a Vehicle: Word document - 32 KB / PDF - 694 KB